Travel with your dog

Traveling with a pet dog is definitely not an impossible task; however, many individuals can’t do it because they don’t know how to feed a dog on a road trip. You have to be aware of your dog, make certain he is fully fit, explore about the region you are about to travel to, and most importantly, be prepared for emergencies that may arise while you travel. Below are some of the best tips to remember when traveling with a pet dog.

Before you travel, take the pet’s regular diet with you. If you do not take their normal diet along, the journey will become very tough because they won’t have any energy to burn and could possibly refuse to travel with you at all. Make sure that they normally get plenty of exercise during the day, along with a bowl of their favorite food in the carrier.

Get a hold of your airline’s rules and regulations. Many airlines have a no dog policy, while others have a weight and size limit. Check out these rules and regulations before boarding your plane. If you fly out of a large airport, like LAX, you should be fine since they often cater to pets as part of their rules and regulations.

Choose a good dog crate that will allow him to sleep in his crate without bothering you. It’s important that he feel comfortable in the crate because he may feel uneasy if you come home to a mess inside the crate. Make sure you pick one that matches the size of your dog. Many traveling crates available today even come equipped with bedding and pillows.

It’s a good idea to take along your veterinarian’s phone number and a copy of your pet’s current health record. It is recommended that you also bring along a copy of your pet’s passport and photos of your pet. This will help if you need to show these items at the vet’s office. You may also want to take along your pet’s medications in case your pet gets sick or feels unwell.

Finally, prepare your itinerary ahead of time. Know what day your trip is and when you expect to arrive at your destination. You should also consider what the weather’s going to be like at this point in the trip. Know that airports are typically much busier than the rest of the cities you may visit. Plan on having someone to help you keep your puppy happy during your trip if your pet gets sick or has an accident.