Most beautiful cars

The most beautiful cars are those which not only satisfy your aesthetic sense but also your functional sense. These cars are the ones that give you immense pleasure every time you cruise over them in your luxury car. They offer a unique experience as you drive them around the streets and towns. People who own these cars love to cruise on long drives in these grand Tourers. But, their real function is more than just leisure ride. These are vehicles that provide immense pleasure to the owner as they help in improving their functionality and performance.

All vehicles have their good and bad qualities. However, the Lexus cars have something extra that sets them apart from others – their excellent transmissions and their magnificent Grand Tourer proportions. Lexus makes high quality engines that are engineered by some of the most talented engineers of the industry. These engines have been put through a rigorous range of tests to make sure that they deliver smoothness and power to the cars. The transmission components fitted into the engine are also of top quality.

The design and the structure of Lexus have improved over the years. Though there are many exotics in this segment like the Jaguar and the Porsche, the range rover has broken the trend. Though, the design and the proportions are not drastically different from the others, the major change has been the use of the Lexus Performance Pack. The Performance Pack features the Lexus supercar styling, the aggressive two-pipe exhaust system and the lightening-fast torque multiplication abilities. Apart from all this, the Performance Pack is the best possible upgrade for your Lexus IS sports car and ensures its unbeatable speed and agility.

The design of the Lexus IS has been enhanced even more with the introduction of some of the most innovative and stylish models in the segment. The IS has been able to keep pace with the likes of Mercedes by keeping its look and high quality. With its aggressive twin grille and powerful tail lamps, the IS makes a forceful statement. The high quality of the IS that is visible inside and out is due to the superior engineering that has gone into its production. The wheels and the boot space of the IS are both impressive too.

A lot of thought goes into the production of the Lexus IS sedan too. The rear section has been lengthened to improve stability and the side air vents help keep the engine cool. The IS also offered with the standard of safety features that you can find in any car. The car comes with four-wheel drive, an automatic transmission, a manual transmission as well as a manual option in the SUV variants.

The standard of leather used on the interior of the IS synonymous with class and style. The IS offers some of the best leather care and slide upholstery in the industry. The IS convertible tops have always been a favorite among young girls and it has not changed over the years. The wheels are softly napped and they make for a wonderfully luxurious ride. With a slide upholstery like no other, the Lexus IS makes for a captivating car.